Free Graphic editor (mainly for pixel graphics)

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Free Graphic editor (mainly for pixel graphics)

Post by Nerre » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:55 pm


Most of the time I ran games I used Inkscape for vectorgraphics and Micrografix Picture Publisher 7 for Pixelgraphics. But then Corel but the PP7 and used it as a base for their (back then) new tool they added Photoshop to form what now is the Graphics Suite.
I tried a while with Gimp, but with Gimp I am about 3 or 4 times slower then I was with PP7. Some might have noticed it back then when I ran the minesweeper games. Once my old PC broke and the newer windows versions didn't support PP7 anymore, the updates got slower. Same for the Minelings games.

I am looking for a tool which allow for quick modification of pixels, copying of areas, using multilayers, allow saving the picture with the layers so it can be eddited again later. I miss some tools I had with PP7 in Gimp, for example simply copying of a given area of the picture to another (was called Twin function back then). I will continue to get deeper into Gimp and the Adobe tools, but for now I need a simple tool somewhere between Gimp and Windows Paint. :D

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