Newcomers Check-in!

For anything related to the Goblin's Community beyond the forum, or for anything that does not fit elsewhere. Newcomers should introduce themselves here.
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Re: Newcomers Check-in!

Post by Krulle » Fri Sep 25, 2020 12:49 am

Ynnothir Coll wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:31 pm
Plus I really wanted to barge in and holler, “He specifically created his character sheet as Senor Vorpal Kickasso!”
Welcome, and I believe our WearsHats already replied with Elli's comment on your remark over in the Sept 12 2020 - Sorry Little One-thread.
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Re: Newcomers Check-in!

Post by balrog62 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:50 pm

So, I've been off-and-on following Goblins for several years. The artwork is fantastic and the storylines are brilliant. I have "borrowed" some of the characters, locales, and events for my own games, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Love this comic, though there are times when the emotions get a little to intense and I have to sit out a while. Need to go back and read them all again.

As for me, been gaming (mostly D&D) since 1979, though I took off from 1990 to 2000 for job, wife, and kids. Looking forward to lurking and learning. I'll try to not sound so much like a grognard....but no promises. And you're welcome to call me out on it, too.

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Re: Newcomers Check-in!

Post by Velgar » Fri Oct 16, 2020 1:21 pm

Holy Herbert and all his benevolent agents, why am I not banned already. :shock:

Also thank you for not near automatically banning me. o:)

Couple-o-time commenter, one time serious forum rules offender and first time reader of the said forum rules (unless that was painfully obvious to some people :oops:).

But alongside the quote below (and one freely translated from my delightful native language: "Payroll runs, I don't. But I do give you a walk for your money all the way.") I like to repeat the wise words of my friend: "You're pretty good at talking your way out of trouble, you know? Only if you didn't talk yourself into them in the first place." o:)

Very opinionated and in no way shy to tell about them (even called a troll on not a few occasions, but I do stand by my words and opinions, also even willing to consider them again, but not in a habit of changing my mind either [reason why a buddy of mine said those words of wisdom to me way back when, and yes, we're still buddies, though we still disagree on several matters]). But I do on many an occasion make an effort not to make enemies, for the fastest way to making people not to want to listen to you is by being mean, rude and outright offending, and now how is that supposed to help anybody anyhow?

Also very much in love with writing (should be obvious too, me thinks), but very much not in love with the sound of my own voice (or I would already have a youtube-channel, mostly about discussing random things... I used to be kinda proud of how I speak English, but one test video later I found out I still have pretty heavy accent that I definitely don't like... :'().

Still a fan of any great story. Written, drawn, acted, sang, told or any sort of medium beyond those. And 8)Goblins8) definitely fits the bill. Would one day love to create something even remotely as compelling and even at times awe-inspiring as it, but like I've mentioned in my Deviantart-user (which also stands empty except for my collection of favourited pieces of art): "The way I differ from many of yous, is that I lack few things. Those little things an artist needs. Skill, to bring forth the ideas of mind for other's enjoyment. Patience, to learn those skills and to weather the times when art comes not as called, but flees from your grasp. Will, to take on defeats you suffer on road to being successful artist and to strive beyond those who would rather see you give up on your dreams. And heart, to give the art I'd finally create the tiny speck of life, by which it would awe and inspire others as the others have forever done to me."

But I think that tells people far more about me than anyone would bother to read, so I'll end it here. :P
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Re: Newcomers Check-in!

Post by Lurks_In_Shadows » Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:59 am

Uhhm, okay. Hi Velgar and welcome. Quite the introduction. Help yourself to the community coffee pot... I recommend the decaf ;) .

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