BotWalter (Now with chat command info)

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BotWalter (Now with chat command info)

Post by SeeAMoose » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:57 am

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties I am no longer able to host BotWalter from my laptop, so he is not currently functioning.

Thunt periodically broadcasts himselfdrawing live on Ustream,and there is an IRC chat attached to that page. On November 29th, 2011 GoblinsBot was born... and after less than a week of constant insults from those who could not appreciate his completely unique name he snapped and on December 3rd, 2011 he became KoreBot, an unstoppable force meant to punish those who misbehave... when he was working(psst... It wasn't often). KoreBot grew, reveling in the violence, shooting guilty and innocent chatters alike... and occasionally accidentally banning the entire chat along the way. Yet still something was missing... okay a lot of things, but really only one big thing. Kore was just too much of a tightass to be any fun, and he needed to be more fun. Multiple brainstorming sessions were held with little in the way of luck. Finally, Moose had an idea... and thus on December 21st, 2011 BotWalter was born. He has grown significantly over a year and a half. He even has a Goblins trivia game we sometimes activate.
Bot Commands
In order to send commands to the bot type "/query BotWalter" to open up a pm tab, then send him one of the following messages. You must have a username in order to get xp and use commands.
  • !level : Provides information about your current level, xp, xp to next level and gold.
  • !helplist or !commands: Provides a comprehensive list of all commands you have access to.
  • !gift : Send gold to other chatters.
    • Syntax: !gift [target nick] [amount]
  • !register : Use this command ONLY with your primary nick and then change from that nick to your secondary names. This will link those nicks to your main nick so that xp and gold you get from one transfers over to all of them.
  • !notify : Register with this command if you would like to recieve a pm'd notification every time thunt logs on (note that this notification is delayed by 60 seconds and only pops up if you are logged on.) This notification works with the chatrooms for both broadcast channels. Proper syntax is !notify add/remove
    • Use !notify add/remove Advanced in order to be notified when Thunt is broadcasting on JustinTV the moment you log into Ustream and vice-versa.
  • !opt : opt out of receiving most Bot messages related to games, xp and levels. (Note, this function is not perfect)
  • !summon mod or !mod : This command notifies all active moderators that someone is in need of assistance in the chat. THIS IS FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY, using it for trivial reasons or just to see what happens WILL GET YOU KICKED AND POSSIBLY BANNED from the chat. DO NOT USE THIS COMMAND if moderators are active in the chat.
  • !toss : Level 2 and up, toss chatters across the room. Gain access to new tools and even custom tosses as you level up. Higher level tosses cost more gold.
    • Syntax: !toss [weapon] [target] You can leave the [target] blank to select a target randomly, or use ustream as a target to randomly pick a ustreamer without a real nick. All weapon choices have a shortened name to save time as well.
    • Level 2 !toss catapult(or cat) [target]
    • Level 3 !toss trebuchet(or treb) [target]
    • Level 4 !toss cannon(or can) [target]
    • Level 5 !toss rail [target] (Rail-gun)
    • Level 7 !toss custom (or cust) [target] A custom toss defined by you.
    • Ex. 1: !toss catapult Rifalia - would toss Rifalia
    • Ex. 2: !toss treb ustream - would toss a random ustreamer
    • Ex. 3: !toss can - would randomly select a chatter to toss.
  • !roll : Level 2+ : This is a game command, it costs gold to use it. 4 gold per roll when thunt is on, 1 gold per roll otherwise, you can add pm to the end of the command to have the result pm'd to you at 1/10th the cost.
    • Syntax is: !roll (#dice)d(sides on dice)+(modifiers) example: !roll 2d6+4 [pm]
  • !roll stat/char : Level 2+ : Price is the same as normal !roll. This will roll D&D style stats or characters using 3d6, 4d6 dropping the lowest roll or 5d6 dropping the lowest two rolls. You can also specify if you want to reroll 1's, you can decide how many stats to roll and you can specify a target to receive the rolls if pm'd. Syntax: (x) = Optional, / = pick one !roll stat 3/4/5d6(>1 <--re-roll 1's) (#-of-Stats: 6 is automatic) (Alternate Target nick to receive stats)
    • Syntax: [x] = Optional, / = pick one !roll stat 3/4/5d6[>1 to re-roll 1's] [#-of-Stats: 6 is automatic] [Alternate Target nick to receive stats]
    • Ex. 1: !roll char 4d6>1 7 Thunt
  • !quiet / !ducttape: Level 3+ allows you to briefly quiet a chatter, you must be at least 3 levels higher than them in order for the command to work. This command costs 1 gold per second of the timeout, and this doubles when thunt is on. Using it on mods is not advised. Maximum time is 30 seconds, and the duration varies based on the separation between your levels. At level 3 you can only silence random ustreamers.
    • Syntax is: !quiet [target nick] [amountoftime]
    • Note: This does NOT work on the jtv chat
  • !store : Level 5+ : Allows you to purchase items that change how attempts to launch you with !toss fare.
    • Glider : Level 5+ : !store buy glider (charges) : Lets you glide after being tossed, always land safely. Initial 5/150 charges. Base Cost: 20gold, 1 gold per charge, 5 gold for 10 charges, 40 gold for 100 charges.
    • Anchor : Level 6+ : !store buy anchor (charges) : Makes you immune from being tossed by anyone less than 3 levels above you, halves the distance for any successful toss. Initial 2/100. Base Cost: 50 gold 2 gold for 1 charge, 10 gold for 10 charges, 25 gold for 50 charges.
  • !inventory : Level 5+ See your items
  • !custom : use to register custom commands, currently only applies to the toss command. The syntax for this command is !custom toss add/change what-you-are-using | (<---the | character must be present) (followed by the text of your command, your command will automatically start with your nick, but you can place it elsewhere in the command with the ~ placeholder. In order to add a target nick put the @ symbol in where you want the target's name to appear).
    • Ex. 1: !custom toss add antler | hooks @ with the tip of his antler, and with a deft flick of his head sends @ flying.
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