(Recruiting) Mortal island vacation (Recruiting)

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(Recruiting) Mortal island vacation (Recruiting)

Post by LAYF » Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:20 pm

Mortal Island vacation!

This game is still recruiting right HERE
Monday the 5th of October , 1998. 16 o'clock

Seven hours, thats the time the trip from the main land has taken you. So far it has been a wonderful vacation full of experiences, and arriving at Petaral Island for the last week is the hight of the trip.
Some people goe here for the food, some for the massage and world famous spa treatments, but most people come here to explore a real 15th century fort.
With only four modern buildings on the whole island, there should be enough to explore, and finally, the Fort is coming into view as you approach the port.

Seaside of the fort
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As you get of the boat you are greeted by a chearful man in his late fourties to mid fiftyes.
"Hello and welcome one and all" he says with a heavy accant that sounds like a cheerful mixture of spanish and schottish that is hard to imagine if you dont hear it yourself.
"My name is Jovik. Jovik Ulgurson Dan'alare, but Jovik will do!"

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I am to be your assigned guide on this vacation, any and all questions you have, feel free to address them to me.
For those of you who have opted to have tours on the island, I'll pick you up at the hotel at 11 each early noon!
If you should need help and i'm not around, here is a Map of the island, it showls where the information is, and should the need be, any watchman will be happy to help you guys."

Map he hands you:
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"Now, if you will follow me, I'll guide you to the hotel, it is a bit of a walk, and if anyone are in hte need of transportation a wagon will come drive you. but if you can, I'll whole heartly suggest you walk with me, the route is wonderful here in the late noon sun! "

Jovik starts to walk and talks with the different guest on the route, all the while pointing out buildings and their long history!
When you arrive at the hotel, forty minutes has passed since the harbor, and it is already half past five.

"Okay folks, Thisis where I'll leave you. Dinner is served from now and till eight a clock. I'll call your names and give you your keys. Your loggage has already been taken to your rooms." He says and start calling out names. as you wait for your keys, you eye the hotel, it does not look well keept at all and you already start to dread the stay.

Hotel outside
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Walking into a small lobby you quickly notes that nothing on the inside of the hotel matches the outside, it is all luxury, wonderful dim lights and beautifully decorated hallways. Looking around you quickly find your room. it leaves nothing short of a huge impression on you.

Hotel room
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Here will be more once players are established
-Best regards LAYF

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