April 25, 2020 - It's Definitely Not Chief

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Re: April 25, 2020 - It's Definitely Not Chief

Post by Tofu » Fri May 08, 2020 5:11 am

I had the thought ... imagine if that entity speaking from the shard of Kore's face is an absorbed echo of a soul from the time of the original battle that formed the Axe of Prissan.

We have a remnant that can give exposition of the way Kore was created ... and if that was a paladin, or a ghost of a Paladin, or an entity that can be infused in an item that then follows folks around (I am thinking the golem right now, but i will change my mind shortly and suggest something else soon).

I love these reinvention pathways. Love them.

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Re: April 25, 2020 - It's Definitely Not Chief

Post by Derkins » Mon May 11, 2020 12:02 pm

I assume Kore can't be killed until he is fully stripped of his battery power by losing all of the souls he has collected. We know he uses them to draw power during battles. Thus why he retreated when he started to lose chunks. I'm very interested to hear what this soul is going to reveal about Kore, and his history, and how they will go about releasing it. I assume Fumbles will have to do it. Once they figure out how to release souls though, they might be able to release those that are still attached to him, once they encounter him again (i.e. Chief).

I have a feeling Kore is going to be avoiding the Goblin group for a while, though. Likely turning his attention back to Kin - vis-a-vis the prophecy. A solo, slippery snake is easier prey than the Goblins who just clobbered him. Love would fuel hate once the serpent becomes his prey - since she and Minimax are back together. Kore would be hunting his girlfriend and, to his knowledge, killed Forgath. So I'm predicting an obvious Kore-Minimax showdown at some point down the storyline ... maybe the next could years :p

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Re: April 25, 2020 - It's Definitely Not Chief

Post by Generic » Wed May 13, 2020 10:05 pm

If that was the case, this last fight would been a good time to establish that. To show that Kore is unkillable and to have him show concern about losing parts.

All I got away from it was that he took an insane amount of damage, realized this and uncharacteristically stumbled away.

He dismissed the Golem (I can not be killed by a mere dungeon gimmik) and then had his ass handed to him by it. So if anything Kore might think he is unkillable but really is not.
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