Nov 7, 2017 - Say What?

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Re: Nov 7, 2017 - Say What?

Post by someone » Fri Nov 17, 2017 2:02 pm

Krulle wrote:He thinks that Bowst is in love with Idle.
He guesses, that because Forgath and Idle are imtellectually such a better match, Forgath might take over the duty of "daily sex" with Idle (one of he curses).
He guesses that this love between Idle and Forgath fuels hate of Bowst on Forgath, and that this leads to Bowstring breaking.

Would be a very different resolve ofmthe forecasts that previous suggestions on this forum.

I'll see if someone is correct...
It's Bowst that needs the sex. She has to die every day.
But yes. Forgath is falling in Love with Idle, so the sex-thing might get a problem.
With the final result of Bowst "breaking".
There's more than "serpent" in that prophecy.

First thing: the fumbles prophecy overload

Panel 1:
Bowstrings break, they are unreliable things.
The shining forest is only found through heroism.
The dwarf cries no more.

And then the older one:

When the serpent becomes his prey, friends will become enemies and love will fuel hate.

Mix and stir well, and maybe we have the following scenario:

Soon-ish Forgath and Idle and Bowst reunited with Minmax and the Goblins and at least our Kin, meeting Kore.
And while Kore is after Kin (serpent HIS prey) and all are fighting together against Kore Bowst will snap and betray our heroes.

Or something in that direction...
What do I know.

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Re: Nov 7, 2017 - Say What?

Post by BuildsLegos » Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:19 pm

Often times in these stories that really grab me, I eventually get to a point where I think "It would have been more expedient (or at least I think that's the word) for this scene or story to be fused with a previous scene or story in the same continuity." With both of the most recent FIB scenes involving hellish influences emerging from otherworldly holes in the ground, I would have preferred that these green tendrils burst from inside the sick rocks and link them together much like how the microbes in Harbringer Down would form room-filling monsters. Or more relevant to readers of this comic, like how those metal creatures in the Well of Darkness were held together with some kind of (magnetic?) magic. I think all dialogue from both scenes could be organically combined and slightly trimmed, and the monster would then be more easy to visually define and provide a more tangible threat of being full of rocks for smashing and crushing the heroes who are grabbed by the tendrils. The downside, now that I think of it, is how to make it fall if it can so easily root in the ground? Well, that's what the "mud" would be handy for, in ways I care not to visualize.

Not that it matters when the story is already told, but at least now we might have animators free to use this post as inspiration, free of charge.
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