07-08-2017 Foreshadowing Overload.

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Re: 07-08-2017 Foreshadowing Overload.

Post by Restomak » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:43 am

So I want to start off by apologizing for the necro'ing of this thread, though it's really not that old so it's probably no big deal.

Anyway, I'm going to take a moment to beat a dead horse that many of you have already sniffed more than several times - but only because the panel of this thread finally won me over to giving the idea some more serious thought (though I'm not fully convinced yet - see my final thoughts at the bottom as my true prediction).
Many different people wrote:Kore is Forgath.
Yes, yes, I'm sorry. Skip it if you hate seeing another one of these posts :lol:

I think a very large amount of the foreshadowing on this update has to do with Forgath. Most of this has been mentioned already in this thread by other posters, but I'll cover each of them here:
Fumbles wrote:When the serpent becomes his prey, friends will fuel enemies, and love will fuel hate.
As a few people have noted, the important distinction of this quote is that this is the very first time "his" has been used instead of "your" - and note that Forgath was always present for the other wordings of the prophecy. I think at this point there's very little debate that this particular prophecy probably refers to Forgath's prey.

Next. So, we don't know for certain but it certainly seems that whatever monster Forgath & crew just faced was some sort of demon. This isn't very important to my train of thought, but I think if it does turn out to be a demon, this aids my point further. Forgath could very well right now be perilously close to being taken to hell by demons. The only real "evidence" I'll use to support this likelyhood are Forgath's and Idle's words (http://goblinscomic.com/comic/01302017-2 and http://goblinscomic.com/comic/quotmudquot):
Forgath wrote:What you're smelling is brimstone. Something that isn't native to this area.
Idle wrote:So do you think these are all pits to hell? I mean gates to hell are supposed to be rare, aren't they?
Forgath wrote:I don't know, but look at that sky. Something big is happening.
Idle wrote:This mountain is clearly turning into some kind of nightmare place and it's getting worse!
Now, let's move on to where it gets nuts: note the order of the foreshadowings made by Fumbles. Fumbles' first prediction:
We've seen several interpretations of this, and it seems likely it is one of these two results:
Bowstrings break; they are unreliable. The shining forest is found only through heroism. The dwarf cries no more.
Bowstrings break; they are unreliable. The shining forest is found. Only through heroism, the dwarf cries no more.
Regardless of structure, this tells us four things (I'd say "for certain" but we don't know know until it happens):
Bowst is likely going to snap at some point. (Unless for some reason Bowstrings refers to something other than Bowst, but it is mentioned elsewhere that Bowst's name either is or was derived from Bowstrings so says Thunt himself)
Bowst is unreliable. This doesn't necessarily tell us anything aside from adding to the point that he's probably going to snap, and to watch out for it. Based on the rest of my post my guess is it'll be something to do with demons, but it's a very very weak guess (due to little evidence) so that's the only time I'll mention it.
The shining forest will be found. Whether or not it's "only through heroism" - it's going to be found. 1) if "only through heroism" is part of this prophecy, then it suggests that we will have to wait to see the shining forest until the "only through heroism" part is fulfilled, but it will happen. 2) if "only through heroism" is not part of the prophecy, well then it'll be found - there's no condition attached. Either way, we as readers are going to see it.
The dwarf cries no more. Personally, I find this to be a very bizarre prophecy without "only through heroism" attached, but it does mean one of the dwarves, somewhere, will stop crying. Another weak guess at what it's going to be based on the rest of my post: it's Forgath, and it's something to do with (you guessed it) demons. My grim prediction (this one, like the Bowst one, is weakly-based and probably wrong) is that Forgath is going to sacrifice himself and be cursed (with the result of ending his ability to feel empathy or something).

Next up,
Fumbles wrote:The levels are gained outside of time
As far as I remember everyone so far has dismissed this as a sort of Maze of Many-based prophecy. While I do agree that it's the most likely, this is a post about the possibility of Kore being Forgath, and in order for Forgath to gain the power required to be Kore I think some time-cheesy-based leveling is in order. While I agree that this is most likely a Maze of Many-based prophecy, I think that seems too easy. Thunt isn't really one to put the obvious directly in front of us without some sort of twist, and I think this is the perfect sort of potentially-huge prophecy to slide under the radar because we already have preconceptions based on earlier updates.

Finally, when cursed-Forgath is good and leveled, he's ready for his destiny.
Fumbles wrote:The hammer awaits.
As mentioned previously in this thread, this is likely The Hammer of Jale.

There's one more prophecy here that very likely has everything to do with Forgath:
Fumbles wrote:Two coins for a dead dwarf
I'll fully admit I don't have much of an idea on this one. Whether or not this has anything to do with the followup ("another leg lost") is anyone's guess, but a very interesting idea was mentioned on this thread already:
thinkslogically wrote: The spell "Gentle Repose" preserves corpses (and apparently body parts) to give folk more time to cast "Raise Dead". The spell components include one copper piece for each eye of the dead creature. Since Kore appears to have any number of eyes except two (http://goblinscomic.com/comic/10242014), and we don't know any more dwarves (yet), I would agree that Forgath dying seems most likely. Either that or we'll find a gently reposing dead dwarf somewhere who needs resurrecting - possibly one of the Greyhill paladins?

A final thought:
My theory, a possible alternative to the old theory Kore=Forgath, is that the demons want to prepare a second "delivery system" in case the axe strategy doesn't work (especially with Ears currently owning the axe and threatening to bring it back to hell). As a result, Forgath becomes a second Kore (possibly more powerful than Kore if the above time-based prophecy is Forgath-related), and that's how we end up with the Serpent prophecy.

Whew. I hope that was at least an interesting read that got your mind-wheels turning if nothing else o:)

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Re: 07-08-2017 Foreshadowing Overload.

Post by Glemp » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:01 am

Kore and Forgath have different eye colours. You can see in the big reveal page that Kore has a blue eye, and Forgath has brown.

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Re: 07-08-2017 Foreshadowing Overload.

Post by BuildsLegos » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:11 am

That's "friends BECOME enemies" to you, pal.
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Re: 07-08-2017 Foreshadowing Overload.

Post by Restomak » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:03 pm

Glemp wrote:Kore and Forgath have different eye colours. You can see in the big reveal page that Kore has a blue eye, and Forgath has brown.
Hence my Final Thoughts section.
BuildsLegos wrote:That's "friends BECOME enemies" to you, pal.
Oops, my bad :lol:

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Re: 07-08-2017 Foreshadowing Overload.

Post by ForgetsOldName » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:16 pm

I read it as "Bowstrings break the yare Unreliable."

Unreliable is the name of a ship, and she was yare before those damn bowstrings.
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