God School: Assignment 8

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God School: Assignment 8

Post by thinkslogically » Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:00 am

Assignment 8: Help Wanted!


ÔÇØRight then. Now youÔÇÖve managed to bring my... I mean YOUR super-amazing treasure safely out of harmÔÇÖs way, we need to get some more appropriate security sorted out to keep it safe. A nice isolated location is fine for starters, but if you want to really protect your treasure youÔÇÖre going to need a (death-trapped) dungeon and plenty of staff to keep it running. Remember the dungeon you stole it from back in Lesson Six? Well, thatÔÇÖs the sort of thing weÔÇÖre going to start building now, except itÔÇÖll have to be even better because those folk you stole it from are hiring their own set of adventurers right now to steal it back!

ÔÇ£Now, for this week weÔÇÖre going to focus on creating your sprites. The main reason for this is that I think it is easier to draw a dungeon to fit the sprite design you really like than it is to compromise on your sprites for the sake of squeezing them into dungeon. The player sprites in particular are going to be one of the main ways you convey the coolness of your game to your players so I think itÔÇÖs no bad thing to start there and build your dungeon around them.

ÔÇ£So your task is simple. I want you to create a set of player sprites like those goblins I showed you in the lesson thread. Make them your own style and try showing them in a bunch of different poses and with different expressions. And you can make them any race you want ÔÇô my examples have been goblins (who DO make excellent minions), but if you want your players to control drow, humans or gelatinous cubes then thatÔÇÖs totally your call.

ÔÇ£After that, I want you to create a set of 6 different monsters and 3 ÔÇÿadventurersÔÇÖ (or as many as you can manage). You donÔÇÖt need to pose them, and they can be creatures of your own imagining, or tributes to monsters from other works. As you draw them, have a think about whether any of them should have special powers (like magic abilities or stealth) and consider how you might incorporate this into your designs. There is so much scope for all of these that I donÔÇÖt want to try and cover everything, but if you get stuck with anything or just need ideas for how to show something then please just ask and weÔÇÖll do what we can to help.

ÔÇ£Good luck, and happy recruiting! And donÔÇÖt forget you are welcome to use the game resources area for inspiration too if you need it.ÔÇØ

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Re: God School: Assignment 8

Post by LAYF » Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:35 pm

Well.. since i made this after this assignment got up, and I have not used them any ways... this is what I'll use for this...
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