Goblins Minesweepers: The Explorers

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Goblins Minesweepers: The Explorers

Post by Inspired » Mon May 14, 2018 5:20 pm

Seeing the lack of interest in playing ninjas, how about trying the good old minesweeping game?



Yep, this time we play on a map!

The layout is designed by me with the Tiled Map Editor, the landscape art is created by CuddlyColin, credit where its due.

So how will this work?
  • Instead of a single goblin per player, everyone gets to play their own tribe / clan! You can decide to create a tribe together, in which case you start with the resources multiplied per participants, but then everything is shared, and you have to agree on stuff... :P
  • Each tribe will have "special" goblins spawning on the map, which will do the exploring / fighting for you! You can name them if you like. They will be kind of like the characters of the old minesweepers game.
  • You will unlock achievements and gain score! We all know achievements are pointless, but g'dam they are fun to collect ;)... Higher score will unlock new things! The game is not meant to be too competitive, so gaining more points than the next player is more like for self satisfaction, because:
  • The game is won by everyone, when the last non-mine tile is revealed.

What are these tribe things?
  • Tribes or clans are the "pool" of goblins you can play to win the game. You can come up with the tribe name and color! No logos or fancy stuff, maybe minimal pixel differences to distinguish similar choices.
  • Each Tribe starts with 3 units, and a Resurrection Pool of 10. Which means every player can have 3 units on the map maximum, and if one of them dies, they can be revived by the pool, losing 1 point from that (so it falls to 9, 8, etc.). The pool can be refilled and widened later on, the maximum unit count too!
  • Tribes have unlimited stock of basic flags (to mark possible mine locations), and each of their units score together.
  • Each tribe has a homeland, they get some special quirks on. This must be specified upon creation! Homelands are map tile types, such as: plains, forests, desert, mountains, water, tundra, deadlands.
  • You can play 4 kind of tribes, please specify it upon creation! You cannot change your tribe kind later on, but every type can "evolve" with gaining score, so you won't be closed off of everything.
The 4 types are:
  1. Pure explorers. These tribes do not long for owning the land, they are driven by exploration, hunt, and trading. They start with 3 explorers, and cannot buy warriors.
  2. Conquerors. These tribes thrill in getting to know new lands... and owning them. They are not that great at exploring because they are busy making sure the land they get to will be theirs. They start with 3 warriors, and cannot buys explorers.
  3. Common tribes. Most goblin tribes are quite content with a bit of this or that. They don't usually restrict their folk in achieveing their goals, yet they aren't try to aim for special heights either. They start with either 1 explorer 2 warriors or 2 explorers 1 warrior. They are not restricted in buying.
  4. Specializing clans. They are more like a group of individuals (clans) rather than a tribe. Their ultimate goal is being as multi-sided as goblinly possible. They start with 1 explorer 1 warrior 1 seer. They cannot have 2 units of the same type. As soon as one unit advances to a new type, the core type can be recruited again (for 1 new member).
So, about these Units ...
  • Explorers can move 2 tiles per turn. They cannot fight monsters, but they can hunt animals. They have a hunting power of 1. They can be spawned on any edge tile of the map, or in lookout towers.
  • Warriors can move 1 tile per turn. They can fight both monsters and animals. They have a fighting power of 1 and a hunting power of 1. They can be spawned in warcamps or on allied land next to a fight. A warrior automatically conquests unoccupied tiles, but cannot "raze" tiles already conquested by players. (We can make wars later on if the game turns out to be good, though.)
  • Seers can teleport to a tile within 2 movement range. They can fight monsters and cast spells, but they cannot hunt (they could, technically, but they do not care. And you don't argue with magic users. Ever.). They have a fighting power of 1. They can be spawned in warcamps and at certain locations where it is explicitly stated.

Are you interested? Feel free to make your clan now!
Will start the game with 4-10 players. I will also share more technical details if there is enough interest, else I won't rob your time with more blabbering... :)
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Re: Goblins Minesweepers: The Explorers

Post by WearsHats » Wed May 16, 2018 9:42 am

I'm a fan of the Minesweeper games. I'd be interested. But I'm currently in bad mental shape for keeping up and especially for strategizing. So... maybe. If things get better for me before you're ready to go.
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Re: Goblins Minesweepers: The Explorers

Post by spiderwrangler » Thu May 17, 2018 7:43 am

I haven't played other forum minesweeper games, but would be interested. I'll read things over and edit in some clan stuff here.
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Re: Goblins Minesweepers: The Explorers

Post by Theis2 » Thu May 17, 2018 3:33 pm

Been fun in the past, I'll bite and play along :p
Likely going with a specializing clan
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