The New Goblins Discord Server

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The New Goblins Discord Server

Post by admin » Thu Feb 25, 2016 2:23 pm

Dear Goblinites,

we have our own Discord Server now on which you can type-chat and voice-chat to your hearts content!

Discord is a relatively new, free service that aims to combine the best features of tools like Skype, IRC, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo etc.
It works in browsers (preferrably Chrome), or, if so desired one can install a dedicated app to connect to it. (Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android)
It is still in development, so new features are inbound every few weeks and so far it's pretty cool,useful and surprsingly stable! :P

It is not required to register an account to use the service, but it makes sense if one intends to be on it more than once. XD

Currently, Thunt is using it every now and then for his streams, so he can talk to people, and have guests on his stream.
We're still figuring out how to use it most effectively without being disruptive to the viewers, so it's a fun ride! ;)

So, come over and enjoy the ride if you please!

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