GAL: Q6 (Attack of the metal Beasts) Completed

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Re: GAL: Q6 (Attack of the metal Beasts) Turn 0

Post by kida » Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:51 pm

"Guys, before you go back to the inn, we need to bury the bodies"

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Re: GAL: Q6 (Attack of the metal Beasts) Turn 7

Post by ChuckDaRighteous » Tue Aug 05, 2014 6:43 pm

BadgeAddict wrote:that leaves only chuck, who in my mind got the better end of the deal in the last quest...

so, as far as im concerned, you guys are good as far as the distribution of items.
Rope, I'm taking the rope. I am getting something.
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Re: GAL: Q6 (Attack of the metal Beasts) Turn 7

Post by Patdragon » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:52 pm

BadgeAddict wrote:
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Given the current speed of things i have a minium of a month left (unless they die or flee) depending on actions, longer uf they choose a wrong path again and I might have limited net next week as im traveling without files.
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Re: GAL: Q6 (Attack of the metal Beasts) Turn 7

Post by Synch » Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:31 pm

Leaves No Trace will stay behind and help with the burial of the bodies.
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Re: GAL: Q6 (Attack of the metal Beasts) Turn 7

Post by GathersIngredients » Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:54 pm

Synch wrote:Leaves No Trace will stay behind and help with the burial of the bodies.
Walks will do likewise. she'll also lend the rope to whoever wants to use it. An she'll talk to keeper (either here while digging graves or on the way home/at the GAL HQ), trying to get as much information about this, as possible.

thanks for the quest, badge, it was a bit short, but enjoyable. :thumbsup:
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Re: GAL: Q6 (Metal Beasts) End

Post by BadgeAddict » Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:45 am

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The group crosses back over the ravine and use some goblin smarts to end up with 2 extra lengths of rope, which Right claims for himself. As they come into view, The Keeper's one eye flares a bit as he sees Laughs and he opens his mouth to speak, but then looks down at his grandchildren and keeps his silence.

The group then helps with burial of the bodies and The Keeper performs the death rites of the star clan as they are laid to their eternal rest. As the group leaves and heads back toward the tavern, questions are asked and The Keeper finally gives some answers.

Keeper: "Long ago, when the earth was much younger than it is now, an Ogre by the name of Ungar ruled over all of the goblins with an iron fist. The goblin slaves were forced to not only labor for Ungar, but they also made for tasty snacks when he was hungry and he was always hungry. For years, the goblin slaves cried out to the heavens for a way to be free from Ungar and one day, the heavens answered. A great star fell from the heavens and crashed directly into Ungar's throne killing him on the spot. In order to give their respects to the Sky gods, the goblins took what remained of the meteor while it was still hot and forged it into a great sword which was named The Star Sword."

The Keeper's two grandchildren watched and listened with bright eyes, and the little one spoke up "Ooooo, my favorite part is coming"

Keeper: "Unknown to the goblins, who had now named themselves The Star Clan, in respect for the stars which had saved them, the sword that they had created was overly powerful. The sword gave immortality to whoever wielded it enabling them to ignore wounds, sickness and even time itself. Thus started a century of blood when the first goblin warrior took up the Star Sword and sought to conquer the world. The Star Clan quickly realized what they had created was too powerful and they hid it away from the prying eyes of all but one, known as The Keeper.

One day, when it is my turn to meet the Star Lord, then I will pass on the secret of the location of the Star Sword, so that once more it can be kept safe.

This story is known among our people and as i told you, Dances with Stars was once a member of our clan. Now, he wants the Star Sword and the power it gives for himself."

Stats & Loot
ATT: 2
DEF: 3 (or 2)
HP: 5/5

- Straight Razor (+1 Atk, 1-handed, 25% chance to cause Bleed(-1 Hp for 1 turn))
- wooden shaft & Spearhead (Can be fixed)
- 1/2 of a Red Curtain (Red)
- Flaming Trident (+2 Atk "Fire damage") (Will be extinguished if it comes in contact with water)
- 2-handed shield (+1 Def)
- Obsidian Ring (Set with 1 Black Pearl) (Magic Shield nullifies 1 Attack, ignore upon activation, 15 turn cool-down)
- Cloak of Blood Banking - Can store 1HP in cloak. If wearer reaches 0HP, will restore you to 1HP
- Helmet (+1DEF)
- 2 Length's of rope

ATT: 3
DEF: 2
HP: 6/6

- Holey Shield (+0 DEF) (1-handed)(Small metal shield with large hole in it, which needs to be fixed somehow)
- Shortbow (ranged)
- Arrows (x3, +1 ATT)
- Torch (extinguished): +1 ATT if used as weapon; 5% chance of setting an enemy on fire; 10% chance of breaking.
- Vial of spider venom: Can be applied to weapons or added to potions.
- Skull
- Silver Necklace (Set with 3 Sapphires) (+1 Hp)
- Length of Rope
- Healing Salve (+2d3 Hp)
- Wolfskin Cloak: +1 DEF. Very fine quality, provides protection against the cold.
- Knock-Back Axe: +2 ATT. Chance to knock an enemy prone (must spend a move to stand back up).
- Simple Metal Ring: ???

[tabs: Leaves(Synch)]
ATT: 4 (or 2)
DEF: 1
HP: 5/5

- Simple Axe(+1 ATT) (1-handed)
- 2-handed shield (+1 Def)
- Berzerkers Axe (+3 ATT, -2 DEF)
- Crossbow (Ranged)(2-handed) (Can be used to bludgeon someone for +1 ATT)
- bundle of bolts (x11)(+2 ATT)(Once shot, cannot be recovered & Reused)

[tabs: Forges(PatDragon)]
ATT: 2
DEF: 1
HP: 5/5
- Leather Jerkin (+1 Def)
- Mace (+2 Att)(1-handed)
- A sharp looking Man-purse (backpack)
- 3 important looking letters
- "My first wand" wand
- Red Potion (increases Hp by 1 point permanently)
- 3 books of Evil Badness

ATT: 3
DEF: 2
HP: 5/5

- Fake Beard
- PlayWitch vol. 2
- Wizards Hat
- Healing Salve (+2d3 Hp)
- Spear (+1 ATT) (2-handed)
- Goblin Ear (Dark Grey)
- Ninja outfit (Soft shoes, pants, long shirt, hooded mask (This must be worn as a complete set = +2 Def))
- Samurai Sword = (2-handed)(+3 Attack)

[tabs: Drinks(Kida)]
ATT: 2
DEF: 1
HP: 5/5
- Pirate Hook (+1 ATT) (1-handed)
- Simple Axe (+1 ATT) (1-handed)
- Spear (+1 ATT) (2-handed)[/tabs]

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Re: GAL: Q6 (Attack of the metal Beasts) Completed

Post by spiderwrangler » Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:44 am

Laughs fluffs his beard out the sides of his mask, creating a pair of massive, flowing muttonchops.

"Say, Keeper guy *teeheheehe*, I found this get up in a chest at the bottom of the *thehe* ravine. Do you know if there are any other poorly locked chests about? *hehehe* "
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