Interest thread / Roll20 tiles and possible map resources

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Interest thread / Roll20 tiles and possible map resources

Post by Amara » Mon Oct 06, 2014 3:02 am

I don't know if anyone here uses roll20, but it's led to me creating quite a few pre-set "tiles" for uploading and whatnot, along with some simple items for game use.
These tiles have then been re-used with some simple photoshop masking and whatnot to make quick maps that work for roll20. Said maps might work in a forum setting, but your mileage may vary and whatnot.

Would anyone be interested in these resources? If so I can edit this post with some of the tiles and maps I've made, and potentially a tutorial on how I make bigger maps in photoshop.

The maps I've made are intended for Pathfinder, which of course means they're perfectly compatible with 3.5 and anything else that uses a 5 foot unit tile system.

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