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Character Concepts

Postby ThroughTheWell » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:23 am

Post ORIGINAL characters here that you are willing to let other people take, modify, and run with. Also include what gaming system the character is for. If they are super long, or they have pictures, please put them in spoilers with a tidbit outside so people know if they want to unspoil.

This place is a good place to share characters that you created, but did not get into a game with.

d&d 3.5
Roguish Ranger
[spoil]Gray elf, wilderness rogue 6, archivist 2, prestige ranger 2 and then in whatever order desired 3 more of prestige ranger and 7 more of wildernes rogue. After prestige ranger entry, knowledge devotion feat, before then feats are what they have to be for entry. It would be a high int skill monkey, with fair rogue tallents, fair ranger talents, and any 2nd level divine spells. Sneak attack would be supplimented by the bonus from knowledge devotion, and thus be a little less subject to SA failure points. Spend high end rogue special abilities on camaflage and hide in plain sight. Not a hugely powerful build, but combines most of 2 classes. I was thinking archery based. Skill trick: Collecter of Stories. Sweet spot at level 10.

I don't know how to work the Precise Shot feat early into the build without delaying prestige ranger by 3 levels. Maybe with a flaw?

Edit:drop PR5, and take cloisered cleric 1: elf, treachery, and knowledge domains. That gets an extra 1d6 for sneak, and a free Point Blank Shot feat, letting you spend an early feat on Precise Shot instead. Or instead of treachery domain, liberation domain for an extra save and an interesting domain spell. Elf domain has true strike as it's domain spell too! You'd want to take CC1 before PR1.

Factotum instead of Wildernes Rouge is tecnicaly better, but misses out on hide in plain sight, and is a bit more complex to play as well.

Backstory wise: a bit disaffected with standard gray elf life and a distant wizard father caused a bit of rebellion hanging out with the wrong crowd, until a life of wilderness banditry appealed. But in the wilderness strange dark powers lurked, changing the course of his life so that he finaly studied to learn how to defeat those dark powers and hunt them down wherever he could find them.[/spoil]
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Re: Character Concepts

Postby knightwalkr » Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:40 am

i have had several characters i liked

Booley kender
me and the DM worked out that he would never have any gear other than his staff. Everything else was always in a state of flux. Go in a tavern and the DM rolls to see what I pickpocked and dont know I have. The game ended in a dragons cave. His horn was shinny so as a kender I had look at it. Well the dragon didnt like that and ended up rolling over the party... I was not allowed to play a kender again. Highlights of the game had my Kender exploring the robe of our mage because it was a shimmering orange and he was bored and was asked what to mages wear under their robe.

Lets see I had a human confidence man who convinced a dragon he was his long lost father. I put everything in Bluff and convinced the DM to allow me feats that Affected bluff based off of the spycraft system. He also would convince towns people to allow him a portion of their businesses in exchange for exclusive access to his magical elixirs.

I generally play random characters who are more skill based and try to do things other than strait combat.
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Re: Character Concepts

Postby saara » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:34 am

I do expect that these things are seen to be canon, right?

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