Night Angel Trilogy

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Night Angel Trilogy

Postby John » Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:22 am

Warning: Spoilers Ahead This is thread is for talking about the series having already read the books. If you haven't had a chance to read the books yet, I recommend it and even advise starting an actual book club session to read it. Let me know if you do because I'd love to reread and talk about the book that way as well. Warning: Spoilers Ahead

What do folks like/dislike about the series? My favorite character is actually Logan. Not because he's a goody-two-shoes (spelling?), but because of the fact that he has such a high moral and honor driven mentality and put in some horrendous situations that attack that part of his character on so many levels.
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Re: Night Angel Trilogy

Postby Arydra » Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:34 pm

Never read the Night Angel Trilogy although I do own it. However, I did read and enjoy his other work The Black Prism and it's sequel The Blinding Knife. Maybe when I get around to reading the Night Angel Trilogy you will have some one to talk to :)
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Re: Night Angel Trilogy

Postby knightwalkr » Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:57 am

I know its going to sound cheesy... but I always liked Kylar... not becuase of his power but becuase he accepts that he is born to a life of darkness and thats what hes good at.
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Re: Night Angel Trilogy

Postby WastesTime » Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:20 am

The first book was great but then... I expected a gritty fantasy with good dialogues and well-written action. Instead, I was faced with a mediocre fantasy - at best - filled with unnatural and embarrassingly bad dialogues and the story-line that sounded like it was adapted from a game, with all the drawbacks that follow such an approach. Sure, there were some nice moments but overall not worth the time or the money in my opinion.
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