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Re: Free Maps/ Map requesting

Postby fifty » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:35 am

So here's a couple of hand drawn mountain pass maps that I've used in a scenario recently:

I tried to add a little shading to the scan in PS to help define where the cliff drops or raises - not entirely sure without my text it would've worked! :lol:
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Re: Free Maps/ Map requesting

Postby thinkslogically » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:55 am

They look cool :)

The shading for the path looks a bit strange though and I think it's because the path is bright but the rock immediately next to it is dark. That makes it a bit difficult to figure out where the light source is coming from. If it's a path between two cliffs, it might work better (as a drawing) if you make that the darkest part, and the clifftops the brightest. Might not work so well as a map though!
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Re: Free Maps/ Map requesting

Postby LAYF » Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:52 pm

Oh... that's right, I forgot I saw this on my phone and wanted to comment..

So... first map... love it.. nothing I don't like there...

the second one... Well, I like it to, but Thinks is right.. something seems "off" about it.. and my guess it is the "edge marks" you use on the pass it self, they should be on the cliff wall, not the path...
when you put them on the path, they 1) look more like cracks than cliff edges, 2) make it look like the path is elevated from its own edges, thus giving it a weird "W" look (cliff, valley, elevated path, valley, cliff)
also. you add shadow to indicate the fall of the cliff.. that is a cool trick, and really works well, but then you forget (or choose I guess) not to add shadow to the path.. this just "help" to give the path an elevated look...

that aside, I like your style, nice amount and "natural" placement of edge lines...

small quick map made for a game

also, this thread contains two other maps I've made:
-Best regards LAYF
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